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Okay, not literally. BUT HOLY SHIT FUCK I ALMOST CHOKED WHEN I SAW THIS PICTURE. If any of you even care or are curious, this picture is the absolute epitome of Barriers!Matt, it almost scares me. Everything is perfect and I'm honestly crying at the beauty of this picture. From the scarf to the little stubble to the fluffy brown hair and goddamn those bright blue eyes and shy smile playing at his lips (and let's not forget about that pale chest peeking through a bit), my heart is just frantically beating against my chest and I really want someone to draw this with a younger Dom's arm slung around his hip and smiling brightly because fuck it I'm greedy. Okay, I'm gonna stop babbling now. Here, have the picture because everyone on Earth deserves to see it...

Why are you so beautiful?!?!?! )
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Just some random update things, so here it goes...

I'm not going to finish the redux of Since I Lost You, and I'm going to delete the three chapters I rewrote, just because it was kind of a lame idea that I got ahead of myself on. I'm sorry if you were looking forward to the redux, but the original is still all there and stuff. My main focus right now is Offsides. I suck at writing more humorous things, so stick with me on that. I feel much more comfortable writing darker, more depressing stories, maybe because I relate to them more easily, who knows.

Also I feel like I talk to a lot of people on twitter and tumblr and so on, but that I don't use LJ for much of a social thing, only for posting and/or commenting. But I'd like to change that, so you may start to see more posts like this, just about random life updates and so on. Also, I'd like to start talking to some of you more, so feel free to drop a comment here or there or anywhere, I like comments and talking with new people, those things make me happy :)

That is all, here, have a Muse picture, because who doesn't love those? (it's hard to believe this picture is at least a few years old, wow)
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