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Title: Those That Make Us
Author: [livejournal.com profile] gf_futurism
Pairing: Belldom
Summary: Dominic, an alpha, has just moved to Teignmouth to teach A-Level sociology. There, he meets a bright young student named Matthew.
Rating: NC-17
WARNINGS: Typical omegaverse stuff, ~weird biology but what else is to be expected~
Feedback: Would be splendid
Disclaimer: My story, my universe, not my band.

Previous Chapters

At five months, it was impossible not to notice Matt and Dom’s impending parenthood, from Matt’s ever-swelling baby bump to Dom’s sudden influx of prideful alpha hormones, hormones he had no idea how to deal with. Just the thought of another alpha even approaching his mate and their child sent his blood boiling, and he would walk with his chest held out and his shoulders set wide, sending off pheromones to let anyone in the near area know that no one was to touch or even think about touching Matt.

And the other curious thing that Dom was not used to: his constant arousal. It was the little things, like massaging Matt’s back when it became sore, rubbing lotion into the already deep stretch marks on his body, playing with Matt’s small yet sensitive nipples; everything about the pregnancy left Dom hard and aching, praying for that lithe body to encompass him completely.

“Do you think I have a pregnancy kink?” Dom asked one afternoon as he was doing a bit of research in bed whilst absent-mindedly running his hand across Matt’s abdomen. They’d spent nearly the entire morning making love, and Dom had been shocked by his ability to stay aroused the entire time, even with the strong alpha blood that was running through his veins and the beautiful work of art that was his omega’s body.

Matt laughed and hummed, turning over onto his side to look up at Dom as he was typing away on his laptop. “I think you’re just an alpha who's been suppressing natural instinct his entire life and is shocked by what it’s like to not suppress it.”

“Mmm,” Dom replied, pausing for a second to look at his mate. Matt’s hair was stuck up in a thousand different directions, the strands thick and heavy with sleep and sweat. His face and jaw—still skinny and beta-like—shifted as he played with his bottom lip, catching it with his tongue and teeth. “You need to stop doing that,” he said tentatively. “Otherwise I’m just going to want to fuck you all day and I’ll never finish this proposal.”

Matt let out a high-pitched, childish giggle, then burrowed back down into the blankets of their bed, cuddling himself into Dom’s side. One lanky leg was thrown over Dom’s calf so that the length of Matt’s body was pressed against his hip and his side, with Matt’s head resting perfectly in the swell of Dom’s underarm and chest. Of course, this made it unbelievably difficult to type, so Dom abandoned his proposal for the time being, choosing instead to wrap his arms around Matt and breathe in the omega’s sweet scent.

“I love you so bloody much,” he whispered into his neck. “God, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“I love you too, Dom,” said Matt shyly. The omega was quiet for a few minutes, his chest moving up and down steadily as Dom let his hand trace over his body. “What do you think would’ve happened to me if you hadn’t taken me home?” he asked quietly.

Dom let out a deep sigh, unease stirring in his gut at the things that could have happened. “I don’t know,” he said honestly. “Something very bad.”

Matt shifted, grabbing Dom’s hand in his and squeezing before letting it drape over his belly. “Well this,” he said, moving Dom’s hand to a spot just below his navel. They waited for a few moments, then Dom’s heart leapt as he felt their child kick for the first time, barely even the slightest flutter that he almost couldn’t register if it weren’t for Matt’s smiling face.

“This is something very good,” Dom finished.


“Over halfway there,” said Doctor Sherrill with a smile when they walked into the clinic the next day. “How are you feeling, Matt?”

Matt laughed. “Huge and constantly horny. But happy.”

Doctor Sherrill chuckled, then pat the table for Matt to sit on. Dom helped his mate up, supporting his back as he shifted to find a position that was comfortable with the growing weight in his middle. “I think today would be a good day to start discussing a birth plan. Usually this is something I would talk about in the first trimester, but Matt, since you’re so young, I wanted to give you the chance to really come to terms with the pregnancy, as well as the fact that you’re a bonded omega.”

A pale white sheet seemed to ghost over Matt’s features at the mention of birth, and Dom squeezed Matt’s hand supportively, sending off as many positive pheromones as he could to calm his mate. “It’ll be okay,” he whispered.

“I just want to do a pelvic examination today along with the ultrasound, to see if a natural birth is something that can be done. Of course, it’s all up to you,” said the doctor, nodding toward Matt. The omega was silent, but nodded stiffly anyway, not really giving an answer.

“Let’s do the examination,” Dom piped in. “Then we can discuss the different plans?” he asked, looking at Matt and rubbing his thumb over his suddenly very cold fingers.

Matt seemed to relax at this, and nodded, a bit of the colour coming back to his cheeks. Doctor Sherrill smiled at the both of them, then led them to the ultrasound room. Matt climbed up onto the table and lowered his trousers below the swell of his abdomen, shifting a bit to get comfortable. Anxiously, Dom watched the small screen, impatient to see their baby again. Each ultrasound he grew more and more anxious but also excited. It was fascinating to see each new little feature every few weeks, there always being something there that wasn’t there before.

As Doctor Sherrill started to move the wand around, she laughed. “We’ve got an active little one, don’t we? Lots of kicking?” she asked Matt.

Matt nodded as he looked intently at the screen. “Dom felt a bit yesterday for the first time,” he said softly, his gaze never leaving the small black and white figure.

“That’s great!” the doctor replied, smiling at them both before returning her eyes to the screen. About twenty minutes past before she put the wand away and switched out her gloves, instructing Matt to remove his trousers completely. “This will just take a brief moment, shouldn’t be painful!” she said in a chipper tone. Still, Matt was nervous, and gripped Dom’s hand tightly as she performed the quick examination, humming thoughtfully to herself.

“What do you think?” asked Dom once she was done and had let Matt redress.

“It’s tough to say, really,” she said honestly. “While your hips have rotated nicely to accommodate for pregnancy, the pelvis hasn’t really widened as much as I’d like for a natural birth, probably because you presented so late and your omega reproductive system hasn’t had a chance to mature as much. It’s still possible, would just be quite a long labour and painful birth. It is up to you to decide,” she said, nodding to Matt first, then Dom.

Dom looked at Matt, giving him the say. It wasn’t Dom’s body, he wasn’t about to make that choice for his omega. Whatever Matt wanted, that was what Dom wanted, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I want to do a natural birth,” said Matt, nodding. “I mean, if our bond really is older than the universe, then I don’t want to bring this baby into the world any other way than biology has planned for me.”

Doctor Sherrill smiled. “That is a very mature decision. We will do everything we can to make this the most comfortable experience it can be. We have a great birthing centre here with some fantastic midwives, let me just get some leaflets.” She hurriedly left the room, leaving Matt and Dom in silence for a couple of minutes.

“I’m so proud of you,” said Dom, pressing a kiss to his mate’s temple. “I know this can’t be easy.”

Matt shook his head. “You’re wrong, Dom. This is the easiest, most natural thing I’ve ever done.”

Before Dom had a chance to react to that statement, Doctor Sherrill hustled back into the room with a number of leaflets in hand. “Here you are!” she said, handing a couple to Dom and a couple to Matt. “Take some time to look over these over the next week or so and we’ll get things settled when you’re back in for your next ultrasound, okay?”

“Thank you,” said Dom, shaking her hand quickly before pocketing the leaflets and turning to Matt.

“See you in a few weeks, gentlemen!”

Doctor Sherrill waved goodbye and left the room. Dom couldn’t break his gaze from Matt; his mate’s eyes were wide and shining, his hand rubbing his belly constantly. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered before letting his hands caress the back of his head, his lips finding the omega’s immediately. “The universe did a good job this time, don’t you think?” he asked, his hand falling to grasp Matt’s wrist.

“Yeah, it sure did,” Matt replied with a shy grin.

“Let’s go home.”



Birth centre leaflets, lotion, takeaway Chinese, and a jar of mustard were spread out on the coffee table, the leaflets, Chinese food, and mustard forgotten for the time being as Matt stretched out on the sofa, letting Dom rub lotion into his legs and hips.

“You sore, love?” Dom asked when Matt moaned and arched his back.

“Sore, horny, exhausted, hungry, all of the above,” Matt replied.

Dom threw his head back and laughed. “You just ate two servings of kung pao slathered in mustard. You can’t be hungry.”

Matt just shrugged at that, giving Dom a toothy grin and wiggling his toes, indicating he wanted to be massaged some more. Dom obliged, pulling his knobby knees forward to go over the curve of Dom’s thighs so he could reach Matt’s belly and back easier. He began a gentle rhythm, letting the deep red stretch marks take in the smooth lotion from his hands. He played at all the little knots beneath his skin, stopping every few moments to admire and cherish the way he could just barely feel the baby occasionally shift.

Once Matt’s eyes began to droop shut, Dom lifted the omega’s legs up so he could clean up their takeaway boxes. Wrinkling his nose as he grabbed Matt’s, a strange mix of mustard and kung pao sauce coating the edges, he took the empty containers to the bin and disposed of them, leaning back and stretching when he was done. He looked around their small home, at his beautiful omega stretched out on the sofa with their child nestled safely inside him, at the cozy fire Dom had lit at the beginning of the night, at the small spot atop the telly that Hendrix had proudly declared his. Everything about it was so domestic, Dom almost forgot where they were five months ago, just a teacher and his student, innocently spending time together in a classroom in Teignmouth.

Dom smiled as he moved back to the sofa, manoeuvring to spoon Matt from behind. Everything was going okay, thanks to the help of people like Doctor Sherrill and Matt’s brother. His mate was safe, their baby was safe, and Dom had a way of sustaining their family, even if he was taking a break for the time being to take care of them. He couldn’t have been more in love with these two people, one still growing and the other still forming.

A shrill ring broke him from his thoughts. Matt stirred from his sleep, mumbling about something Dom couldn’t understand. Shifting to get his arm over Matt’s head, he fumbled for his mobile, only managing to pick up on its last ring.

“Hello?” he said without checking the caller I.D. He absent-mindedly scratched at his hip then shifted his hand to touch Matt. “This is Dominic Howard.”

“Dom!” his mum’s voice shouted from the other line.

Dom sat up. “Mum? Is everything alright?” Matt looked at Dom, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Daniel is in labour, how soon can you get to London from Teignmouth?”

Dom swore under his breath, lightly shaking Matt fully awake. “I’ll explain in a second,” he mouthed when Matt mumbled grumpily. Throwing a hand through his hair, Dom listened to his mum’s excited ramblings about finally being a gran for a few seconds before interrupting. “We can be there in two hours,” he told her.

“Wait, we? Dominic who are you wi-”

“Bye, Mum,” said Dom before hanging up and groaning into his hands. He turned to Matt. “Let’s get some clothes together, we have to go to London for a few days.”

“What? Why?”

“My brother is in labour, Mum wants me there.”

“Oh,” said Matt, shocked. “So we’re doing this now? Telling your family?” He looked at Dom nervously.

“Don’t worry love, they will adore you. It’s me they’ll probably skin alive.”

The two had decided to keep Matt and the baby a secret from Dom’s family for the time being, at least until Matt turned 18, though preferably longer. Dom’s little slip up meant it was happening sooner than planned. He’d hated lying to his mum so much, continuing to feed her lies about his work in Devon and his students and how living by the sea was treating him. Part of him felt that showing up to the birth of his first niece or nephew with his underage, pregnant omega in tow wasn’t a good idea, but he knew it was going to have to happen sooner or later.

Dom quickly kissed Matt’s forehead before heading upstairs to pack a quick overnight bag for the two of them. He checked everything was okay before heading back down and getting food and water out for Hendrix for a couple of days. “You ready?” he asked Matt who was still sitting on the sofa, staring at the now powered off telly.

“Mmm,” Matt hummed, groaning as he stood up. Dom put a supportive hand behind his back and followed his mate out the door, locking it behind them. Already, Matt was having difficulty walking, the large weight of the baby throwing off his small, narrow frame. They slowly made their way to the car, and upon starting it, Dom let out a huge breath.

“Here goes nothing.”

Date: 2015-10-28 04:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sodalite1.livejournal.com
I hope that Dom is right...the last thing Matt needs now is stress.

Date: 2015-10-29 12:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] eternally-cave.livejournal.com
YAY thank you for updating <3

I have the feeling something bad is going to happen and I hope that feeling is wrong :(

Date: 2015-10-29 10:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tamarelmensdorp.livejournal.com

The begining was so sweet and happy, but now I have the feeling something not nice is going to happen. Although, for the life of me, I couldn't think of a reason why anyone would not like Matt.


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