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Title: Those That Make Us
Author: ‚Äč[livejournal.com profile] gf_futurism
Pairing: Belldom
Summary: Dominic, an alpha, has just moved to Teignmouth to teach A-Level sociology. There, he meets a bright young student named Matthew.
Rating: NC-17
WARNINGS: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Disclaimer: My universe, my story, not my band.
Author's Note: I suck I'm sorry.

Previous Chapters

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Dom finally finished assembling the small dining table they had purchased earlier that day. He stepped back, putting his hands on his hips and looking at it with approval.

“Right, that’s the last of it,” he said, moving to sit down on the sofa where Matt was resting and stroking Hendrix, his hand absentmindedly draped over his stomach. “Only took me three and a half weeks to put all this together,” he chuckled, motioning to all the furnishings in their new home.

Matt hummed and smiled at him. “I could’ve helped,” he mentioned lightly.

Dom just shook his head and pressed his lips to his mate’s neck. “I managed, did I not?”

“Well, that photograph is crooked,” Matt replied with a sharp giggle, pointing to the wall behind the telly.

Frowning, Dom got up from the sofa and quickly fixed the crooked photograph. With a nod of approval from Matt, Dom returned to the sofa, pulling his omega in close.

“How was your lecture today?” Matt asked softly, settling into the alpha’s warmth.

“It went well. I missed you though. I don’t like leaving you in the mornings.” It was Dom’s first week at the new university, and the change from spending all the time with each other during the holiday to being away in the daytime was horrible. Dom hated being away from Matt. His entire work day was spent worrying about him, wondering if he was okay on his own, if he was adjusting well to their new life, if he was even happy with where he was. Dom tried not to let himself think about Matt being unhappy; it automatically made him feel down and unable to function. “How was your day?” he asked.

“Mmm, it was good,” said Matt. “Walked around the city center a lot. It really is beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Dom said thoughtfully. “Is there anything you want to do now that it’s the weekend?”

Matt just shook his head, and Dom smiled. That was all fine by him.


Many weeks passed by. Dom felt as if his life was a slowly turning wheel, repeating itself every day. It was a mish mash of lectures and an over-emotional omega with horrible morning sickness, which lasted the entire day. By 10 weeks, Matt already looked completely beat, and Dom worried excessively for his mate.

“Matt,” he said softly one morning, breathing into the omega’s neck and smelling him deeply. He could feel worry and anxiety. “I think I’m going to take some time off.”

Matt immediately froze in his arms, slowly turning to look at Dom. Dom hated that there were tears in his mate’s eyes. “You’re leaving me?”

“What?” asked Dom. “Oh, love, no.” He kissed Matt’s cheek gently. “I meant from work. I can tell that you’re stressed and not doing well and it’s taking its toll on me. I think it’s best if I take care of you a bit more. I’ve felt so guilty leaving you every day.”

Matt turned away from Dom and curled up into a small bundle. Dom let his fingers trail down the omega’s back, rubbing softly at his pale white skin.

“I want you to be happy,” he said quietly, pressing gentle kisses to Matt’s lower back which was constantly sore and aching due to his widening hips. “And I would feel like a much better mate and father if I could be here more. Our lives are just starting together. I love you so much already but there’s so much I still needs to know and learn. We have so much to do in the upcoming months.”

Matt nodded, seeming to calm down a bit after Dom made it clear he wasn’t leaving him, that the alpha’s intentions were logical and family-based. “We need to start getting the room together,” said Matt.

“Yeah,” said Dom. “More furniture to put together.”

Matt laughed at that, and Dom snuggled him close, breathing in his scent. He smelled magnificent, like no other omega in the world. Dom knew it was because there was no other omega like him in the world. He was special, the only person in the world who had his heart and his soul.


“Fuck,” came a shout from the bedroom.

Dom turned his head from where he was in the bath, craning to try and see what Matt was doing. “Love?” he called. “You okay?”

“I’m fine!” Matt said. “Just... Finish your bath.”

Dom frowned skeptically, but let himself relax again for a few more minutes before standing and wrapping a plush warm towel around his waist. After draining the tub and lotioning his hands and feet, he padded into the bedroom where Matt was sat on the edge of the bed, still in his pyjamas and one of Dom’s sweaters from his limited days as a footballer in school. “What’s up?” he asked, feeling the tension in the air. “We need to get going soon if we’re going to be at dinner on time.”

Matt’s head slowly turned to look up at Dom. A dejected frown was forming on his small lips. “Trousers won’t zip. I’m getting fat.”

After a long, hard stare, a hearty laugh was the first thing that escaped Dom. He shook his head, moving to sit on the bed next to Matt and kiss his bond mark. “Love, you’re three and a half months pregnant. Your trousers are bound to get small at one point.”

“They fit last week!” whined Matt. “And I look so gross and unnatural.”

Dom frowned at that. Truth be told, he had not seen Matt’s complete bare body since the boy’s heat, only little glimpses here and there, and definitely nothing around his abdomen or below. Matt’s hormones had been way out of whack those first few weeks, and since he came down with the plague of morning sickness, sex had been out of the question. Dom had been trying not to let himself dwell on it too much; pregnant omegas were supposed to be the horniest things on the planet. He had to constantly remind himself that Matt was only 17. There were bound to be some differences with him.

“Will you let me see?” Dom asked softly, craving to see his mate’s body with their child. Never before had he understood alphas who were so infatuated with their omegas during pregnancy, but now he wanted nothing more than to see Matt change as he carried their baby. He could feel Matt’s shyness and discomfort as the omega slowly reached down to lift Dom’s sweater up.

Really, it was the slightest swell, unnoticeable when Matt was clothed. But as Dom’s eyes traveled down his mate’s body, he drew in a sharp breath as the realization hit him once again that Matt was pregnant. These awarenesses happened more and more, with morning sickness, cravings, and the like, but finally seeing the way Matt’s hips were rotated to make way for the soft curve of his abdomen was astonishing. Dom was going to be a father. Even more, Dom was going to be a father with his 17 year old omega mate whom he still felt like a stranger to at times, even though their souls were connected by something extraordinary that pre-existed life itself.

“Fuck,” Dom gasped, alpha instincts taking over as his hands moved to caress Matt’s small bump. “Oh, fuck.” Matt looked at him with wide eyes. He looked so young, like a child, and Dom had to remind himself that that was because he was a child. “I- I did this.” Dom shook his head, his hands unable to leave the young omega’s body. His mind was spinning and burning and everything felt so hot and overwhelming. It was like the rut all over again, only different in ways that were unable to be explained. “Matt,” he whispered. “You look gorgeous.”

A blush spread over Matt’s cheeks, neck, and chest. After kissing his bond mark again, Dom reluctantly let his fingers leave Matt’s abdomen for a second in order to hold his mate’s hand and direct it back to where Dom’s had just been.

“I love you so much,” said Dom as he closed his eyes and breathed in steadily, completely ignoring the fact that they really did need to get up and go for their dinner plans. “Can I show you how much I love you? Please?” Matt whined, a low humming sound that Dom could only compare to a cat’s purr escaping his sharp lips. Dom tilted his head to suck at those lips, daring to dip his tongue in the omega’s mouth.

“Dom,” Matt moaned, shifting. “M’wet.”

Dom’s eyes widened against Matt’s pale neck as he tried to steady his breathing at his mate’s words. “What do you want me to do, love?”

“Fuck me, please fuck me,” Matt pleaded.

“Oh fuck yes.”

Dom moved forward suddenly, his hands reaching under Matt’s bum to lift him up. He could feel some of Matt’s slick through his pyjamas, not anything like the slick he created in his heat, but still absolutely tantalizing.

There was scrambling as Dom fumbled with his own trousers, freeing his hardening cock and giving it a few long strokes. He moaned around the heat of his fist, but knew he had to stop otherwise he would come before he was even inside his omega.

On the bed, Matt had removed his pajamas and laid back, Dom’s sweater moving up to show a delicious line of pale skin. Dom nearly threw himself on top of his mate; he felt absolutely primal in all of his actions, like this was what he was meant to do the second he was created. He felt put on the world so that he could be with this boy and love this boy and create a life with this boy.

As Dom popped open a tub of lube and started to prepare his lover, soft, singsong moans escaped Matt’s mouth, words urging him faster.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Dom said rushedly, even though he knew the amount of slick Matt was creating in his state was more than enough. Still, he took his time, stretching and fingering and touching far into his mate.

Kissing him softly on the lips, Dom withdrew his fingers and wiped them off, giving a few more tugs to his cock before lining up with Matt’s entrance. In one solid movement, they were interlocked, Dom’s hips finding the natural, soul-bound rhythm between them immediately.

Everything was electric. Without the sticky haze of heat and clouded mind of rut, Dom could feel every single part of Matt’s body and soul. The level they knew each other could not be explained, even in Dom’s own educated mind. Where Dom didn’t know Matt’s favorite color, he could feel his mind working. Where Dom didn’t know what Matt liked to watch on telly when it was two in the morning and thunder woke him up from sleep, he could sense his soul, pulsing, breathing, alive. And those things were enough for Dom. The casual knowledge would come in time, the way Matt liked his tea, which way he tied his shoelaces. They were all insignificant things, things that didn’t matter when their souls were attached by a string that was thicker than any natural material in the universe.

When Matt came between them, Dom wasn’t far behind. He rocked up into the omega’s body, cherishing every moment before orgasm hit and he collapsed over his mate, breathing heavily. He could feel everything: the rise and fall of his chest, the firm form of their baby, the soft twitches of his muscles.

“I am enamored by you,” Dom said softly into Matt’s neck, kissing his bond mark. “So bloody enamored.”

Matt shivered in his arms, his hand moving to touch his belly.

“We’re like a puzzle I can see on the box but can’t actually solve. I know exactly who you are and I can see what we’re made of, but piecing us together is beyond my mind. Our souls are beyond my mind.”

Again, Matt quivered. Dom gently bit at his skin, breathing in his pheromones. It was late, that he knew. Their dinner reservation was long forgotten, the setting sun streaming in through a crack in the curtains of their bedroom. Takeaway was in order, whatever Matt was craving at that moment. Tomorrow, they’d go to the shops for new clothes for Matt to accommodate his changing body, but for the time being, they were to rest. Just the two of them, and one day, three of them. That was all Dom wanted.

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