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Title: Those That Make Us
Author: [livejournal.com profile] gf_futurism
Pairing: Belldom
Summary: Dominic, an alpha, has just moved to Teignmouth to teach A-Level sociology. There, he meets a bright young student named Matthew.
Rating: NC-17
WARNINGS: Typical A/B/O universe ~things~
Feedback: Would be lovely :) <3
Disclaimer: Muse aren't mine, story is mine, etc.
Author's Note: Thank you [livejournal.com profile] babymule for taking a look at this beforehand and making sure my concussed brain didn't make any horrible mistakes <3

Previous Chapters

The morning was silent save for the ever-present pattering of British rain against the roof and window. Dom felt himself drift back to sleep multiple times, always in Matthew’s warm embrace. When they both fully awoke, Dom had to finally face reality.

“I’ll be right back,” he said softly, kissing Matt’s cheek. He stretched out of bed, grabbing his briefs and tugging them on. As he entered the lounge, he sat on the sofa with his mobile in hand, thinking to himself of what the Hell to do first. He dialed a number and waited.

“Bristol Omega Clinic, how may we help you?”

“Hi, umm...” Dom scratched at his head, unsure how to go about this. “I need to make an appointment for myself and my... Erm... Bondmate.”

“Okay,” said the woman on the line, her voice hesitant. “Can you give me some information for your reasoning to make an appointment?”

“It’s... Really complicated,” replied Dom, wincing at himself.

“All right,” the woman said. “Well, we have drop in hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 17:00. At this moment the clinic is not busy at all, so if you and your bondmate need to see a professional soon, now is the time.”

“Great, thanks,” Dom said quickly, hanging up before the woman could say anything else. He sighed and groaned, closing his eyes and rubbing at his temples for a moment.

He went back into the bedroom. Matt was sitting up, the duvet and sheets pooled around his lap. His chest and neck were littered with love bites, but the healing bond mark that was nestled on Matt’s left side between his collar bone and neck was what he was drawn to most.

“Hey,” Dom said quietly, moving back into bed.

Matt smiled up at him, shy. “Hi.”

“You doing okay?”

“Yeah. I’m good.”

“Good,” said Dom, looking down for a moment. “Look, Matt...”

“I’m not breaking the bond!” Matt interrupted quickly, a look of fear coming across his face.

“No no,” Dom said, quickly moving forward to hold the scared omega. “I wasn’t going to say that. I promise. I would never do that to you.”

“Okay,” whispered Matt, leaning his head against Dom’s bare chest

Dom pressed gentle kisses to his head for a few minutes, soothing his mate before continuing. “What I was going to say is... We need to get you to that clinic in Bristol. Just to make sure everything is okay.” Dom didn’t have to say what he meant by that; Matt understood. “I need to have some sort of understanding of what happened, for your sake. And then after that, we need to figure out what we’re going to do with everything.” The everything was implied. Again, Matt understood.

“Are you going to lose your job because of me?” Matt asked.

Dom shook his head, taking Matt’s hand in his and squeezing it gently. “Not because of you, but because of me.”

The omega seemed upset by Dom’s response, casting his eyes downward and sighing heavily. “Why did this happen? I could’ve gone to Cambridge and now I’m just... Nothing.” Tears were falling and hitting the sheets.

“You’re not nothing, Matt. I won’t let you or anyone else reduce you to that. I’m going to find a way, okay? We’re going to make this work. Now let’s get dressed and get some food and make our way to Bristol.”


The drive to Bristol was tense and raw. Dom found that, through their bond, he could physically feel the emotions that Matt was feeling. Matt’s fear was a bruise on his heart, Matt’s anxiety was a prickling on his skin, but most of all, Matt’s love was a warmth running through his limbs. It was so odd, after being with this boy for only a week, the things he felt for him were nothing short of celestial.

Inside, the clinic was very empty, just as the woman had stated to Dom earlier. It seemed everyone was out doing Christmas shopping and spending time with their families. Dom was speaking with a receptionist with Matt at his side when a doctor came out, her eyes very focused.

“Right this way, please,” the omega doctor said, very rushed and urgent.

“Right, okay,” said Dom. He gestured toward the receptionist he’d just been speaking with. “Shouldn’t we-”

“That won’t be necessary. Quickly, now,” said the doctor as she ushered Matt and Dom down a corridor and into a room. She quickly shut the door.

“Is there a problem?” Matt asked, looking around nervously. Dom squeezed his hand supportively, immediately feeling Matt’s positive response when he did so.

“I’m sorry to worry you both,” said the doctor. “I will explain everything in a moment. My name is Doctor Sherrill.”

“I’m Dominic Howard,” said Dom. He gestured toward Matt. “And this is my bondmate, Matthew.” The word bondmate still felt so foreign on his tongue.

Doctor Sherrill nodded, seeming to know exactly who Dom was. She took down a few notes before looking up at the couple who were standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. “Matthew, go ahead and take a seat on the table. Dominic, you may sit in that chair there.” The two did as they were told. Dom hated having to lose contact from Matt, so he kept his eyes locked on the omega’s. “The reason I rushed you both in here so quickly is because the moment you walked in the door, I could sense the presence of your bond.”

Matt and Dom exchanged a curious glance. “And is that normal?” asked Matt.

“No,” said Doctor Sherrill, shaking her head. “It doesn’t happen. Ever. I mean, alphas and omegas can sense a bond when they’re standing close to a bonded pair, but what I felt was... Different. I was on the other side of the clinic when you two came in.”

“What happened with us?” asked Dom, a serious tone in his voice. “I’ve always been able to control myself around omegas. I work in clinics like this all the time. But when I sensed Matt, I felt like I was in another body.”

“And I didn’t even know I was an omega,” Matt chimed in. “Why didn’t I present when I was 12 like everyone else?!”

Doctor Sherrill nodded, seeming to piece things together in her mind. She mumbled a few words under her breath as she moved to power up the computer that was sat to her left. She typed away for a few long minutes. In the meantime, Dom had moved his chair closer to Matt to be able to physically touch him, although he could feel him through their bond regardless.

“Can you give me a rundown of everything that happened?”

“Sure,” said Dom. “Matt was just in my classroom like any other day. I left to get something—can’t even remember what it was now—and when I came back, he was on the floor, in heat and-”

“Did you touch him before you left?” the doctor asked.

Dom furrowed his brow, trying to remember. He looked to Matt for help.

“He did,” said Matt. “He touched me on my back. That was the last thing I fully remember. He left and then I just felt completely helpless and in pain.”

Doctor Sherrill nodded, continuing to type. “And tell me about the heat and bonding experience.”

Matt blushed and shied away, but Dom continued to talk with the doctor. “It was... Unreal. Not at all like I’ve heard about from other bonded alphas, the non-abusive ones, I mean. It was like all the matter in my brain was taken away and replaced with something else, completely primal and raw and otherworldly.”

“And when you knotted, how long did you stay locked post-bond?”

“We fell asleep like that,” said Dom softly. “And even when we woke up together a few hours later, when Matt was, erm, ready to go again, we were still knotted.”

“Okay,” Doctor Sherrill said, seeming satisfied with that last bit of information. She looked up at the pair, shaking her head in amazement and shock. “I can’t believe this has happened. It’s so rare, impossible, even.”

“What happened?” Matt asked in a whisper. His hand was gripping Dom’s tightly, like he was holding on for dear life.

“Have you ever heard of an alpha rut?”

Dom scrunched up his face. “Erm, no,” he stated plainly. He’d never heard the word before.

“Right. Well,” said Doctor Sherrill, taking a deep breath. “An alpha rut is sort of an accompaniment to a heat. When an alpha goes into a rut, they have what is usually described as an ‘out-of-body experience’, exactly what you said, Dominic. During a rut, heat, and bonding, an alpha’s knot can sustain for up to five hours post-bond, much longer than the typical 20 minutes.”

“So why did this happen to Dom?” asked Matt. “Is he some sort of super alpha? He’s usually so controlled.”

“Here’s the thing,” said the doctor. “An alpha will only go into a rut one time in their life, and that is with the first heat of their soulmate.”

Realization dawned upon Dominic. “You don’t mean...?”

Doctor Sherrill nodded in confirmation. “You two have a soulbond. Matthew, that’s probably why your heats were suppressed for five years. Your first heat only happened because it was triggered by the touch of your alpha entering rut.”

“So what you’re saying is, Matt and I are soulmates?”

The look on Doctor Sherrill’s face was all he needed to know. Sitting back with a loud gasp, Dom turned to look into his omega’s eyes. They swirled with blue, and Dom could read every single emotion that was locked inside of them.

Dom knew of soulmates. He’d read about them briefly while researching for his thesis. They were so rare, it was contemplated that they didn’t even exist, the only evidence being various scriptures and journals from hundreds of years ago, before most of the world’s omegas were murdered in genocide. In the academic world, they were thought of as nothing but folktales, stories to trigger the imaginations of young children who also believed in dragons and ogres and giants.

“So what next?” asked Matt, pulling Dom from his thoughts.

Doctor Sherrill looked at the two of them. “I’m really not sure. I need to contact a couple of colleagues. The thing is, Dominic, there are ancient laws about soulbonds, laws that haven’t been touched in centuries. There’s a possibility these still stand, which means, ultimately, your bond goes above any law there is.”

“So Dom wouldn’t lose his job?” asked Matt excitedly, looking at Dom with happy tears in his eyes.

“We’ll have to see. I need to call these people, they’ve dedicated their whole lives to studying alpha and omega history and will know a lot more about this than me. For now though, Matthew, I’m going to have to give you an examination, just as I would any other omega after they’ve had their first heat or bonded.”

Dom and Matt both nodded, looking at the doctor expectantly.

“Dominic, do you mind giving us some privacy?”

Dom immediately felt a surge of fear go through their bond, but he had to follow the doctor’s orders. He went out and sat in a lone chair in the corridor, his leg shaking anxiously. So many things were running through his mind, nothing having to do with his life but everything having to with their life. He knew exactly what sort of questions Matt was being asked right now, what sort of tests and examinations he was going through. If he couldn’t have felt it through the bond, he would’ve known anyway after studying it for almost a decade.

There was no denying the unmistakeable feeling Dom got just a few minutes before the door opened up and Matt walked out, shaking with tears running down his cheeks. Dom rushed forward, pulling him into his arms and placing gentle, reassuring kisses to his forehead and lips as Doctor Sherrill waited patiently to take them to another room.

“Please tell me what you want,” Dom whispered quietly as soon as they were in the new room, Matt on the table and Dom next to him, as close as they physically could be.

“I want this,” said Matt, nodding.

Dom’s heart swelled and he kissed his mate again and again, interrupted only by a young beta man coming in and smiling to them both. “Are you boys ready to meet your baby?”

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