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Title: Those That Make Us
Author: [livejournal.com profile] gf_futurism
Pairing: Belldom
Summary: Dominic, an alpha, has just moved to Teignmouth to teach A-Level sociology. There, he meets a bright young student named Matthew.
Rating: NC-17
WARNINGS: SEX *loud gasping noise*
Feedback: Por favor
Disclaimer: I don't own Muse but I do own the story.
Author's Note: I was so surprised by the amount of feedback I got on this! Thank you to everyone that read and commented and thank you to [livejournal.com profile] evil_angel for guiding my way through writing this chapter <3

Chapter One

Panic was surging through Dom’s veins as he knelt down next to his student, his bloody omega student. Tears were streaming down Matt’s red cheeks as he turned to look at Dom, his eyes pleading.

Ignoring the scent that was just pouring off of Matt, Dom steadied himself, breathing through his mouth. The scent hit his tongue, immediately making his vision go blurry. He shook his head, concentrating. Matt, he thought. Make sure Matt is okay.

“Okay, Matt,” he said shakily as he attempted to keep calm. “Did you know you’re an omega?”

“No,” he cried, his voice strained. “Please, Sir. It hurts.”

Dom shut his eyes for a few seconds, trying to control his body. He could physically feel his own blood rushing down, his skin hot and clammy after just a minute or so of being around the in-heat omega. It was something his body had ever experienced.

“Alright, this is what we’re going to do. I’m going to call your family-”

“NO!” Matt screamed. “No, you can’t, they can’t know,” he choked out. “Dad will kill me. He’ll kill me.” Just then, Matt’s body convulsed and he let out a loud cry. Dom tried to ignore the surge of something that was going through him; he told himself it was the panic and adrenaline of the situation.

“Matt,” he said, forcing himself to breathe steadily. “I need to get you to a safe location. Where can I take you?”

“I don’t know,” the omega sobbed. “Just... Make it stop hurting. It hurts.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“You can. You’re an alpha. Please,” Matt pleaded.

Dom shook his head, stepping up and moving away from his student. He paced the back of the room, far enough away that Matt’s scent wasn’t repeatedly assaulting his senses. He tried to ignore the soft whimpers and moans coming from the desk as he thought of what to do, his one idea seeming like an absolute disaster waiting to happen. He couldn’t leave Matt at the school though, that was obvious. It was his first heat, meaning it could easily last an entire week, and the alpha janitors would be coming into the school repeatedly throughout the holiday. By Matt’s previous statement, it was clear his home environment was not the place where an omega could be safe. The nearest omega clinic was in Bristol, more than an hour and a half’s drive away. Matt was quiet, and from Dom’s observations, he knew he didn’t have many—if any—friends. Dom realized there was only one solution.

“Okay,” said Dom, sort of to himself but also to Matt. “Okay. You’re going to come to my flat. There’s a spare bedroom downstairs where you’ll be safe for now. I’ll get you some water and some protein and then I’m going to call the omega clinic in Bristol, and they will be able to take care of you, okay?”

Matt nodded. “Will you be okay?” he whispered, looking straight into Dom’s eyes.

“Yes,” he replied too quickly.

Dom hated lying.


“What do you bloody mean the transport vehicles are down?” Dom roared into his mobile from the kitchen of his flat. He pounded his head against the wall as the man on the other end of the line gave him some pathetic excuse or another. “You don’t fucking understand, I have a 17 year old omega here, this is his first heat, and he needs help.” He ended the call a few moments later with a loud “Fuck!” then suddenly looked up as he smelled rather than saw Matt approaching. “Don’t come close, Matt. You can’t do that.”

The omega seemed so small and miserable. His entire body dripped with sweat, so much that Dom couldn’t distinguish what was sweat and what was slick on his trousers. “Please, Sir. You told me you can handle omegas in heat. Why can’t you help me?”

“I don’t know,” Dom said angrily. He was angry at himself, angry that every moment he even thought of rushing toward Matt ,his body betrayed him. “I don’t understand why my body is doing this,” he said, breathing heavily and motioning to his crotch where he’d been hardening for the past hour. It was painful, and he just wanted Matt gone and safe so he could deal with it. “I’m not usually like this, just... Please, lock yourself in the room. I want you safe.”

Matt shook his head, instead walking forward.

“Matthew,” Dom warned.

“Please,” came the pleading reply.

“Matthew I can’t do this. I don’t know what this is but I can’t do it. Please go back downstairs until I can figure out a way to get you to the clinic.”

Tears were in Matt’s eyes, but luckily, he obeyed, moving to go back downstairs. As soon as he was gone, Dom’s body was up and to the place the omega had just been standing. He was on the floor, burying his nose into the place where Matt’s slick and sweat had dripped onto the linoleum floor.

“Fuck,” he grunted, his cock hard and pulsing. He could smell Matt from downstairs; every time he took a breath his vision blurred and his ears rang out. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think straight. The thoughts going through his mind made him sick. Thoughts of his student beneath him, his student with Dom’s bites on his neck, his student taking Dom’s knot and clenching down. “Fuck!”

This couldn’t be happening to Dom. This never happened to Dom. He was one of the top advocates for omega rights in the world, and here he was completely taken apart by an omega, an underage omega who also happened to be his student.

This is not okay, he kept thinking to himself. One tiny part of him was fighting against all other parts of his anatomy, screaming fighting words to him. It was a tiny grip on reality that he was slowly losing to his body, his brain versus his biology.

He found himself outside of the door leading to the bedroom. Dom couldn’t hear anything except for his own heartbeat, couldn’t feel anything except for biology telling him to mate.

“Matt,” he called, his voice strained. “You okay?”

The reply came a few long seconds later. “No.”

“Okay, Matt. I’m... God, fuck, I’m coming in.”

Saying goodbye to his career and his sanity and all of his credentials, Dom opened up the door. Matt was spread out on the bed, facing Dom, his clothes abandoned on the floor. Slick covered his legs and Dom could just barely see between them where Matt’s fingers were pumping in and out of himself.

“Fuck,” Dom whispered. “Oh, fuck.” He advanced forward, collapsing onto the bed and immediately finding Matt’s neck and rubbing his nose into it.

“Oh, Sir,” Matt whimpered.

“Dom. Call me Dom, now.” Dom could feel Matt immediately relax beneath his weight.

“Please, Dom.”

“I know, I’m here. I’m here now.” He gingerly pressed a kiss to Matt’s collarbone, already thrusting toward him, his cock straining against his suddenly way too tight trousers. “What do you want me to do? What can I do to make it better?”

“Just... Touch me,” Matt said hoarsely.

“Okay,” whispered Dom. He looked down at the omega’s body, shimmering with sweat. His small cock was swollen and leaking precome, and Dom knew it would take just a few soft touches before Matt hit orgasm.

Sure enough, the second Dom touched him, just barely wrapping his hand around his cock, Matt was screaming and arching off the bed, three streams of come painting his quivering belly.

“Oh my God,” Matt whispered shakily.

“It’s okay, you’re okay,” said Dom, kissing him softly while still rocking his own hips. He kept kissing Matt, time running by as he nipped and licked any part of his mouth he could get his lips on. By the time he was about to orgasm, Matt was already hard again.

“Fuck Dom!” Matt shouted, his nails digging into the alpha’s back. “Please, please, please.”

“What?” Dom whispered, nipping at Matt’s throat.

“Please just do it. Please.”

The last remaining part of Dom’s control vanished, his mouth moving to make the word “Okay” as his hands went to finally unzip his trousers. He kept his eyes locked on Matt, watching as he pumped his small cock. “Use some of your slick and start fingering yourself again,” commanded Dom as he kicked his trousers to the floor and moved to kiss Matt, humping into the young boy’s small thigh. Matt did as he was told until Dom was undressed and ready to take over. The boy was so bloody wet, his hole absolutely dripping for him. It only took a few brief minutes to get him stretched appropriately.

Finally sinking into Matt, Dom threw his head back, trying to bite down on his tongue to keep from yelling out. But he had no grip on reality anymore, his body overtaking his brain.

Dom focused on Matt’s eyes as he thrusted in and out, the way they seemed to search Dom’s face for something to look at before locking with Dom’s own eyes. Something was between them in their line of sight, something invisible but there. “Fuck, Matt,” Dom grunted as Matt came between them, his cock trapped between their moving bodies.

“I’m sorry,” Matt cried, his voice cracking as he clenched down.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Dom panted, sucking on Matt’s lower lip. “You’re okay.” His hips kept thrusting of their accord, Matt whimpering each time Dom slid all the way in. “Am I hurting you?”

Matt shook his head, his brown hair standing on end from the sweat that had gathered on his forehead. “God no. Just... Please don’t stop.”

Dom nodded, continuing his thrusts. The things he felt for this boy were so indescribable, it was like someone had poisoned his veins. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered at every opportunity. And oh how right he was about that statement. Matthew was the most beautiful thing Dom had ever laid eyes on, the way his skin glistened and the way his body opened up for Dom and the way he seemed to be screaming Dom’s name at every second. Matthew was infectious.

Suddenly feeling his cock grow tight— similar to but not quite like an orgasm—reality slammed into Dom and he pulled back. “I have to stop, Matt. Oh God I need to pull out.”

Matt screamed and clenched down on Dom’s cock. Dom tried to pull out but was stopped by Matt’s fingernails digging into his back.

“Matt, you have to let me pull out,” pleaded Dom. “I’m about to knot.”

“I don’t care.”

“Please,” said Dom, still thrusting as his knot grew bigger. “Please.” He wasn’t sure why he was pleading or what he was pleading for. He needed to pull out but that was the last thing his body had planned. Slamming into Matt’s body one, two, three more times, his knot grew and grew until he couldn’t pull out anymore. With Matt’s screams echoing in his ear and his orgasm teetering on edge, Dom reached up, gripping Matt’s hand tight and squeezing.

All thoughts were abandoned as they rocked on the bed, Matt continuously coming between them, his slick, sweat, and come all over their bodies and the blankets.

“Matt,” Dom grunted into the young omega’s ear. “Oh fuck, Matt, fuck.”

Dom lost control, his orgasm ricocheting through his body like a bullet. He couldn’t see or hear anything except for the omega beneath him—his omega—as he bit down, drawing small drops of blood from the pale skin between his teeth.

It was minutes later when Dom’s hips came to a still. His body collapsed on top of Matt, his knot still locked inside. He looked down at Matt, tears dotting his cheeks as his eyes came to rest on the bond mark that was stood out against Matt’s pale white skin.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, feeling completely in control of his body for the first time in what seemed like hours as Matt’s heat subsided for a few minutes. Accompanying the gut-wrenching feeling of guilt in the pit of his stomach was also the feeling of pure bliss and love.

“I’m fine, I’m okay,” said Matt.

“Matt,” said Dom. “I-”

“I’m scared,” Matt interrupted.

Dom’s heart nearly broke. “I’m so sorry,” he said. “I should’ve stopped, I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that, I can’t believe I let this happen and-”

“No,” said Matt. “That’s... Not what I meant.”

Dom shook his head. “We just bonded, Matt. Do you understand that?”


“What’s scaring you, then?”

“I don’t know. I’m just so scared.”

A tear slipped out of Matt’s eye and he was quick to kiss it away. “I’m scared too. But rest now, okay?”

Matt nodded, shutting his eyes and letting out a big long breath. Matt’s body trembled a few times around Dom’s knot before finally stilling. He automatically curled into Dom’s chest, his long eyelashes tickling the sparse hair the blonde had there. Dom closed his eyes too, the steady sound of Matt’s breathing luring him to sleep.


The next five days were a blur of emotion and lust. Time after time, Dom would lose himself to something unknown, the urge to knot and mate trumping all. The following Wednesday morning, Dom woke up after his first full night’s sleep in days. Matt was stirring as well, for once not coated in a thin layer of sweat.

When his blue eyes blinked open, Dom felt a swell of something in his chest. He loved this boy. This underage, intelligent, young, amazing boy. And he was bonded to this boy.

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