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I planned on doing this like last week when I was with Rory but I couldn't concentrate so anyway YEAH I got on the band wagon again and did the thing!

Your first character: Since I Lost You!Dom, the cute little shit. I kind of miss him, he was so innocent and adorable and awwwww c:

Your newest character: Eric from Beneath The Apple Tree, he's a sassy fucker and I love him.

Your loudest: HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm going to look at this as loudest in bed so let's go with Inked!Matt because he's a fucking slut and also complains a lot.

Your shyest: Barriers!Matt, he is open minded and loves to talk to people but like me, is very shy and lacks the confidence to do so unless he's known them for a very long time.

Your horniest: Down to Fuck!Dom

Your poorest: I don't think about financial situations very often, but probably Chris from The Chairs??? I'm not sure though

Your richest: In AU world, both Matt and Dom from Offsides

Your quirkiest: Every non-AU Matt

Your darkest: Friend or Foe!Matt like I mean he's a psychotic crazy ghost who only cares about revenge, you can't get much darker than that.

Your brightest: Dom from Glamaphonic Electronic Disco Baby, he's a ball of fucking sunshine

Out of all your characters, which is the most like you? Barriers!Matt idk if I even need to explain but he's a ball of anxiety and stress and low confidence, sounds familiar

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